So, it’s a “sexual” quote. True. But apply the idea to a public presentation. Most people don’t give the appropriate importance to the preparation (preliminaries) and just focus on the presentation (the act). But the most important tasks for a good presentation don’t happen during the event itself.

About 4 years ago I wrote an article on this topic, preparing a presentation. It was called “Preliminaries are as important as the act”. This one is the sequel and it’s about improving your presentation skills.

The sequel

Jerry Seinfeld, in one of his stand-up shows, used to joke that speaking in public was…

Why Coffee

I grew up watching Seinfeld, and, not surprisingly, I think Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most brilliant minds when it comes to comedy (here’s an example). In recent years he had a show called Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee. Here’s the episode with Barack Obama:

Jump to minute 2:38, before it’s Seinfeld presenting the car

Coffee is part of everyone’s life, coffee is everywhere. We drink coffee just to socialize, we drink coffee after meals because it’s the perfect ending for a good dinner and some of us cannot start working without coffee. It’s an on-off switch.

When at…

A few days ago, João Malés wrote an extensive article on migrating from .NET Framework to .NET Core. Back then, we had a considerable challenge: more than 60 projects with many third party dependencies, no previous experience on similar work, and the additional constraint of migrating in the same codebase that was going out to developers.

In essence, creating a new Service Studio while bringing value to our customers and having weekly releases in the existing Service Studio. Easy, right?

Now, the challenge was different: we had well-documented (and publicly shared :) ) knowledge from that experience, and more relevantly…

Technology is evolving at a fast pace and every day new software startups emerge. However, there are also non-software businesses that are slowly transforming into software vendors. This post is about the car industry, but it’s just an example of what you can expect short term from lots of other industries.

So, let me start this post by saying that I LOVE cars. I love to drive. The car industry has dramatically changed over the past decade. Software has taken over and cars are now much more of a techie thing than just a means of transportation or a passion…

Before joining OutSystems I worked basically in the services industry, providing kick-ass projects to customers. 7 years. It was fun, but also demanding. However, developing products like we do at OutSystems, apart from all the challenges it has, brings one additional detail: we are also developing for developers. I can relate to everything an OutSystems developer feels using the product, both good and bad things. I was a (genius) developer once.

So, first of all, thank you to all OutSystems developers out there!

What is an OutSystems MVP?

MVPs are exceptional developers whose expertise and contributions are recognized by the entire ecosystem, including customers, partners…

A couple of months ago I wrote about how I had to learn how to work remotely. But I wasn’t prepared for this. One or two days working remotely, yeah, but a full month without going out? Damn…

There are two main challenges I faced in the past month:

  • Having a kid around: It’s a different game working from home with the kid at home;
  • Confinement (funny): I’m an “out of the house” kind of person. Dinners, friends, walks, sport, beach, you name it. This is hurting.
Portuguese sunset

The second issue there’s nothing I can do about it at the moment…

Team building is essential in high performance teams. There are still lots of managers that look at these events as expenses, but I rather look at them as really cheap investments. At OutSystems we even have specific budget per team for these events. I’ve been a part of a couple of them like karting at “Serra da Arrábida”, segway tour in Lisbon, learning how to bake “pastel de nata” or beer crafting in Braga.

I know what you’re thinking: what? Failing is not good! But failing might just be the best thing that happens to your team.

Before we start

I hate losing. I really do. I’m that guy that when a big screw-up happens I have to go out for a drink (several…) or go to an open field and yell curse words. Loud. I get really pissed off.

That’s ok, I’m emotional. The next day I put on headphones, go out for a run and my pride kicks in. Ready to go back, get up, kick-ass again.

Fail Fast, Fail Cheaply

At OutSystems, we have the small book a…

Step by Step

The starting point — remote teams

Since the first day I joined OutSystems I had a geographically separated team. I was part of the Integration team that help land the first man in Braga. Later on, I was part of the Mobile team and we also expanded the team to Braga.

So, I was pretty much used to have remote team members. But I hated to work remote, from home.

We encourage remote at OutSystems

At OutSystems, we actually encourage this practice. Every Wednesday is a focus day at Engineering. That is, you’re not supposed to have meetings or distractions. But hey, that’s not easy at the office, so, why not…

César Afonso

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